The Health Benefits of a Steam Bath

Are you suffering from stress?  Do you have high blood pressure?  Are you suffering bronchial problems as a result of smoking?  Do you suffer from shortness of breath even during mild exercise or minor physical activity?

Are you dealing with the symptoms of a common cold?  Do you suffer from asthma or bronchitis?  Do you take over-the-counter products for sinus relief or to help you sleep?  Or, perhaps you experience pain in your joints or muscles.  

If so, the answer to all of these problems and many more, may be solved by the warm, soothing, misty steam and quiet calm of a personal steam bath. Not the type of steam bath offered at a public health club.  Most of those facilities are contaminated by the germs and illnesses of others who frequent them.

You need the healthy environment created by your own personal steam bath.  And, you may be surprised to learn how affordable this harbinger of better health really is. Here are just a few health concerns that a personal steam bath can minimize or eliminate:

  1. Arthritis, the number 1 condition that people 65 or older experience;
  2. Heart disease, still the leading killer of adults over 50 years of age;
  3. Respiratory malfunctions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);
  4. Asthma, chronic bronchitis or emphysema;
  5. Poor blood circulation and or lymphatic circulation;
  6. Unhealthy skin including blackheads, acne or oily skin;
  7. Excess weight;
  8. Poor respiratory function;
  9. Muscular or joint pain;
  10. Inadequate or impoverished sleep;
  11. Poor mental focus;
  12. Shortness of breath; and
  13. Anxiety, hypertension, depression or nervousness; has been in the business of providing personal steam baths for over 20 years.  It is knowledgeable and dedicated employees provide effective, informed and creative advice to those interested in improving their overall health with the incredible advantages offered by personalized steam baths delivered directly to your door. has everything you need to enjoy the benefits of your own personal steam bath and to put you on the path to better health and a slimmer, more vibrant appearance. How so? We are so happy you asked.

The Proven Health Benefits of Steam

Steam opens one’s airways.  This is particularly beneficial to smokers who often live with the side effects of bronchial problems caused by the ravages of smoking.  But steam improves everyone’s breathing, not just those who are foolish enough to smoke cigarettes, cigars or pipes.  The steam loosens and removes congestion.  It reduces or thins out and opens mucous membranes.  This process relieves the pressure caused by mucous build up on our body’s membranes.

Steam provides sinus relief and often eliminates or at least reduces significantly the symptoms of bronchitis.  Steam also relaxes our muscles and in the process eliminates or minimizes our joint pain.  It has the same effect of eliminating or at least reducing the symptoms of arthritis.

Steam has also been used for years by persons suffering from headaches, even migraines.  Steam provides a noticeable relief from everyday stress.  It has also been shown to decelerate heart rate and in the process provide relief for hypertension.  Steam reduces pain in our joints and muscles.  It also reduces or eliminates the symptoms of the common cold.

Steam has been shown to increase our metabolism, and, in the process aids in overall weight loss.  Of course the process of perspiring includes most importantly the elimination of toxins in our body.  It effectively cleanses our body of the harmful toxins that are the byproduct of a poor diet, smog, air pollution and obstructive pulmonary diseases that otherwise cause irreversible damage to our airways and other lung structures that lower our breathing capacity.

Steam increases both blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, and, in the process opens our pores and detoxifies us.  As a result our skin has that healthy glow of a useful vibrant person.  This cleaning process from the inside out eliminates the impurities.  Persons suffering from acne, rashes, blackheads or wrinkled skin will immediately see significant improvement in these conditions.  To be certain Steam will not be the answer to all your problems, but it will eliminate or at least reduce many of them.

Some Helpful Suggestions to Maximize the Benefits of Your Personal Steam Bath

Because a healthy steam bath eliminates toxins by cleansing the body from within, one should hydrate prior to and during a steam bath.  Our professionals recommend drinking 8 to 10 ounces of purified, preferably distilled water prior to each bath.  If the steam bath is longer than 15 minutes, it is a good idea to step out of the bath for a few minutes and rehydrate.  It is a good idea to always have extra healthy clean water nearby.

Until your body becomes acclimatized to the healthful healing powers of your personal steam bath, you should be alert to any sign(s) of dizziness or an unusually fast heartbeat.  At the 1st sign of either of the symptoms, one should take a break from the steam until the dizziness or increased heart rate subsides.

Perspiration is an important and necessary byproduct of an effective steam bath.  It is through the process of perspiration that we eliminate harmful toxins in our body.  As we perspire we are not only eliminating toxins we are soothing our entire respiratory system.  We suggest that to assist opening the pores of our skin it is wise to have a shower before and after our steam bath.  The shower before gets rid of surface oils and contaminations, and, the shower afterwards not only soothes our skin, it helps to wash away and more completely remove the toxins that have been dislodged and evacuated from our body.


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